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Cornerstones Church

vision & values

Cornerstone Church vision: Making Jesus and His message accessible to all, through building a non-religious, relevant, and relational church.


  • To insure that all that we do fulfills a meaningful purpose in keeping with our God given vision and values.
  • To live by grace, in our pursuit of Jesus and our dedication to His cause .
  • To be productive and fruitful avoiding religious rituals, modern or old, that become a hindrance to growing in our relationship with God and our obedience to Him.

Culturally Relevant

  • To express church life in a way that is relevant and in keeping with the social groupings of our day and time.
  • To understand people and how best to present the reality of Jesus to them.
  • To communicate Christ and His word in a manner and language that is clearly understood by those inside and outside of church life.


  • To promote and maintain unity, making friendships a priority.
  • To acknowledge that right relationships are a prerequisite for service in the church.
  • To express and demonstrate care and concern through practical help and support to one another.
  • To cultivate an environment of trust and acceptance where people feel safe and secure with one another.