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Cornerstones Church


Cornerstone Church meet every Sunday at 11.00am. Visitors are very welcome! Refreshments are provided before the meeting at 10.30am. In addition to the weekly sunday meetings, Church Members meet at various times and locations throughout the week in Small Groups.

The Sunday Morning Meeting

Sunday morning meeting provides a regular source of inspiration, encouragement, insight for faith, spirituality and living life. Those who attend, do so because it makes a difference.

Sunday morning meeting:

  • Knowing and experiencing God through corporate worship.
  • A meeting that is welcoming and accessible for guests and friends to be invited along to.
  • Hearing practical life-related teaching from the bible.
  • Being inspired and informed regarding the direction and purpose of Cornerstone.
  • To catch up with friends and to have fun.

The Small Group Community

Small groups are the heartbeat of Cornerstone and are like church in miniature.

Small groups:

  • Reflect the DNA of the church.
  • Are where the pastoral care takes place.
  • Help new church members get connected into the heart of Cornerstone.
  • Are for building relationships and developing community.
  • Encourage church members to serve God with the skills and gifts He’s given them.