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John Burke – New Wine Cymru Conference

MP3 Sessions: John Burke New Wine Cymru Conference – 27 Sept 2011

The average person in our culture doesn’t see that the message of Jesus is exactly what they’re seeking because there’s so much misconception on what it means to follow Jesus.

The churches’ challenge is to focus on how do we connect with the average person so that they can begin to see that the message of Jesus is actually what they’re really looking for?

This leadership day is a rare opportunity to hear from someone who has really made church work for the 21st century person.

John Burke

John Burke is from Austin, Texas and has grown the Gateway church from 13 to 3,000 with a primary focus on the postmodern secular un-churched person. John’s mission culture has many similarities to our own challenges in Wales and the rest of the UK.

John serves with a congregation dedicated to helping unchurched people become a unified community of growing Christ-followers, no matter what their background or past. He is also the president of Emerging Leadership Initiative (ELI), a non-profit organization founded to help establish a multiplying network of missional churches that envision, equip and empower young emerging leaders to plant innovative churches.

He is the author of No Perfect People Allowed and Soul Revolution. Before starting Gateway, John was the executive director of ministries at Willow Creek Community Church.

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