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Suzanne Brown

Member of Key Leadership Team

Suzanne joined Cornerstone in 2001 initially serving on a year-out with Pioneer’s DNA. She worked full-time on The Gap team as a tutor and assistant in outdoor adventurous activities from 2002-2010. Suzanne also served the church as Centre Manager for 18 months. She joined the Key Leadership team in May 2009.

  • Responsible for 20’s small group with her husband Simon.
  • Mentors the young women.
  • Part of the Fusion leadership
  • team for student ministry in
  • Swansea.
  • On the Swansea University
  • C.U. advisory group.
  • Runs Gap Activities tourist arm with Sarah.
  • Represents Cornerstone at citywide meetings such as City of Sanctuary, Swansea Hope, Local Church Leaders unity group and CYP (children & young people’s forum).