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Cornerstones Church

about us

Cornerstone is an outward focused church with many social action projects into the Community. Cornerstone is known for its impact in the secular world both at grass roots and civic leadership level. You can find Cornerstone in the North East of the city of Swansea, in an old refurbished GPO Sorting office which is used by the church to serve the local community.


Cornerstone is part of Pioneer – a network of more than 80 partnership churches of various sizes and with varying structures, that can be found across the UK – with many more associate churches in mainland Europe, Africa, India, Asia and the USA.

The Evangelical Alliance

Cornerstone is also a member of the Evangelical Alliance which represents churches across the nation from some 30 different denominations. Their vision is ‘uniting to change society’.


Cornerstone is one of four founding members of Gweini – The Council for Christian Community Work in Wales. Established by the Evangelical Alliance Wales, Care for Wales, Tearfund Wales and Cornerstone Church, Swansea, Gweini represents churches involved in community work to the Welsh Assembly and supports those churches in their community endeavours.